Daily Procedures

  1. Sign your child in and out each and every day. The “Notes” section is for anything out of the ordinary (play dates, different pick-up time or person).
  2. Please call in the morning if your child will be absent. Let us know of extended absences also.
  3. Dress your child for vigorous, messy, indoor AND outdoor play.
  4. Please leave toys at home if humanly possible.
  5. Arrive to school on time and pick up your child on time. This is for the benefit of your child and your child’s class. Call us if you are running late.
  6. Please be respectful of the front classroom. Unfortunately, we don’t have a good place for parents to visit each other at Central Branch. We suggest outside or the Café next door.
  7. If your child stays for lunch, please pack a simple nutritious lunch that does not require refrigeration or warming up. Please use ice pack. Due to severe nut allergies – no nuts please. No gum or candy at school.
  8. School closes at 5:30 pm sharp. Please call if you are running late. We charge a late fee of $1.00 a minute for repeated late pick-ups.
  9. Do not, even for a minute, park in the “No Parking” zone right in front of the school entrance (on the east side of the street) – it’s not safe. Also please help us maintain a friendly relationship with our neighbors by not parking in their driveways – even for just a minute.