May 9th- Parent Education Evening. Come join us!


Parenting with Identity in Mind

Tuesday, May 9th 7-9pm at the Mount Baker Community Club- 2811 Mount Rainier Drive South Seattle, WA 98144

Adults only please.

Central Branch has hired Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee ( to come and lead this workshop for families and neighbors. All are welcome. MBCC has generously donated their ballroom for the evening!

How do we learn about our various group identities like female, African American, Buddhist, homosexual, middle class, etc.? From whom do we learn the meaning of these terms? What messages have we internalized about ourselves and others? What are the differences that result in one person having a healthy self-identity and another person experiencing own-group shame and hatred? Learn how we can instill positive self-identity in our children and coach them to be positive influences on others’ identities.  Together, we can co-create inclusive communities that work toward success for all.